Digital Business Unit

Digital revolution, digital transformation, connected objects or mobile applications: the terms of digital have, as and when, invaded all companies. The digital is a word used daily by professionals and individuals, so much so that we find ourselves lost in the face of the plethora of Digital services.

But what does lojelis offer you? With about twenty experts of different profiles and specialties, our Digital team supports you in the process of digitization and optimization of your activities by developing software, mobile applications or business applications.

Our consultants use .NET, JAVA, Angular technologies to design innovative and intuitive interfaces that meet the requirements of professionals.

Also proponents of Xamarin technology, our team also creates mobile applications adaptable to all platforms!

Lojelis, it is also and above all a unique and personalized partnership to answer who accompanies you throughout your project:

  • Audit and Diagnosis

  • Guidance

  • Design and production

  • Integration

  • AMS

The strength of lojelis, and more particularly of the Digital Business Unit, is the transversality of its expertise. The Digital Business Unit works in collaboration with the ERP Business Unit and the Business Intelligence Busines Unit to offer solutions tailored to your needs.

A team dedicated to your projects

A team of 25 people, composed of various profiles (fullstack developers, frontend developers, backend developers, mobile developers, network architects, system administrators)

A mastery of current tools and technologies

  • .Net / .Net Core (C #, ASP.Net, C / C ++), Javascript / Typescript (Angular, Angular JS), Java / Kotlin
  • Mobile App, Multi Device Apps (Javascript / Xamarin / NodeJS)
  • Microsoft, Oracle and Open Source expertises