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The mission: to create clear and secure data platforms

They work closely with the Data Scientist and the Data Analyst. In fact, the Data Engineer consultant works upstream of their two colleagues in order to design high-volume data processing platforms. To do this, they ensure that the data pipelines deployed are secure and that the data is clear. The data is then analysed by the Data Analyst and transformed by the Data Scientist by applying their processing algorithms.


The Data Engineer must be able to work in a team and therefore have excellent interpersonal skills. Working upstream of their colleagues, the Data Engineer enable them to analyse the data structure in its entirety and in the best possible conditions. It’s real teamwork.

Between data standardisation and consolidation for decision-making, the Data Engineer carries out 4 main missions for the company:
  • They design the technical architecture needed to make the most of the company’s data. Either locally, for specific use cases such as a precise business request, or globally, for data lake construction projects for example.
  • They provide technological expertise and develops data solutions appropriate to the various needs of its client.
  • They carry out data cross-referencing and validation, correction and quality work to support the work of downstream data scientists. Indeed, it should not be forgotten that the Data Engineer consultant must provide “clean and clear” data to the Data Scientists.
  • In particular cases, they will perform a decisional analysis on the processed data. In fact, they may be required to produce reports as decision-making tools for the company’s management.

Data Engineer:
various skills and qualities

To carry out their work in the best possible conditions, Data Engineers must have a solid knowledge of IT. They must therefore:

  • Master structured languages such as Javascript, Scala, Python…
  • Master the various operating systems such as UNIX, Linux, Solaris
  • Knowledge of database solutions such as SQL, NoSQL, etc.
  • Have a strong expertise in data storage and mastery of ETL tools
  • Master Big Data technologies allowing the processing and manipulation of data with Hadoop, Spark, Kafka…

In addition to their IT skills, they must also have an aptitude for human relations. Indeed, this work cannot be done alone and therefore teamwork is the key to the success of this work.


Their excellent interpersonal skills, sense of organisation and sense of the quality of the work carried out enable them to understand and respond quickly to the company’s needs.


In addition, they are highly responsive, rigorous and able to make proposals to deal with all eventualities. Their analytical and synthetic mind will be a real asset for making proposals to the team and to management.

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