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The developer, also known as a programmer or programmer analyst, is a computer scientist who has mastered the computer languages needed to develop computer programs. To respond as closely as possible to the needs of the client, they know all the steps from analysis to application through programming.


Whether you are a back-end developer, front-end developer or full-stack developer, you will easily find assignments that match your skills.


The ability to be versatile and to wear several hats is highly appreciated by clients. In fact, in addition to designing, programming, developing and improving software, you must also be able to provide maintenance and follow-up for your client.


Who better than the person who created the software to teach good usage practices and monitor the project?

Essential skills

  • Analyse the client’s needs
  • Drawing up a set of specifications
  • Write a Technical Requirements Specification (TRS)
  • Produce a prototype of the technical solution for validation by the client (typical configuration, etc.)
  • Designing and developing computer programs and applications
  • Determining the phases and procedures for technical and functional testing of computer programs and applications
  • Analyse technical problems
  • Determine corrective measures
  • Produce technical supports
  • Process information (collect, classify and update)
  • Lead a meeting

The qualities of a professional
in the IT world

First, they must always be informed of current events and new developments in his field. Whether it is a question of new security standards, procedures or specific development tools, the IT professional must attach great importance to their training to maintain their level.


Then, they must know how to communicate, analyse and synthesise the needs of the client. Available, professional and agile, they can adapt to all situations and respond quickly to new requirements throughout the development and programming process.


And finally, the Rolls Royce of the programmer is a real Swiss Army knife by adapting to their work environment. Very often working independently, they must also be able to work within a project team with colleagues. Their ability to listen and communicate will be a real asset in bringing a project to completion.

For diversified
and rewarding missions

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