Product Owner

The Swiss army knife
of digital project development

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Product Owner :

A central role in the development of the digital project

The PO is a project manager specialising in the digital field. Accustomed to managing digital IT projects, they are the real conductor in the creation and emergence of the project. They master the Agile mode perfectly, a flexible working method based on a quality relationship between the company and the project team.


As a true interface between the company’s marketing, technical and sales departments and its production team, they encourage group dynamics and the exchange of information to ensure the success of the project. They therefore act as an intermediary between the business and technical parts of the project.

The essential skills and tools of the Product Owner

The Product Owner has exceptional interpersonal skills, such as the ability to listen and summarise, resistance to stress and a high level of reactivity. They must also have a thorough knowledge of business, marketing, design and product understanding. To develop their skills, Product Owners regularly carry out in-depth monitoring to learn about the latest market trends and obtain new knowledge for data analysis and the study of performance indicators.


For any Scrum project developed using the Agile method, the PO must master all the tools needed to carry out the project in its entirety. From tools and software specialised in task and project management. Knowledge Management tools for better collaboration and knowledge sharing between team members. To the mastery of design software to create functional prototypes.

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