Chef de projet

The art of translating
customer requirements into IT solutions

Collaborateur développement

The conductor of IT projects

As a true leader, the IT project manager must successfully carry out an IT project from its conception to its completion. Indeed, they must take into account the company’s needs, the deadline and the budget set by the client. Generally speaking, the IT technical project manager is specialised in a particular field of activity, such as finance, retail or logistics.


From the analysis of needs to the delivery of the product, their missions require both technical and managerial skills. Here is a list of the different tasks carried out by the IT project manager:


  • Drawing up specifications and a schedule to allocate tasks
  • Assessing the risks and challenges of the project
  • Supervising the development of the IT solution with all stakeholders
  • Controlling the quality of the developments and checking the progress
  • Monitor the project in its entirety
  • Report to your hierarchy and to your client
  • Completing the project within the given timeframe and in line with the budget and expectations expressed by the company
  • Ensure maintenance, training of employees who will use this new IT solution and monitor the project’s progress.

A manager who listens to his employees

Understanding the company’s environment and activities, as well as the needs and constraints of users, are their main assets. But they must also have a very wide range of IT skills. Knowledge of development tools, application solutions (ERP, CRM, EAI, etc.), databases and technical architectures will enable them to quickly analyse the various elements of the project. In addition, their knowledge of project management processes and methods as well as IT tools such as MS Project will enable the project manager to observe the progress of the project at a glance.


In addition to technical skills, the IT project manager must have good interpersonal skills and a certain managerial capacity to mobilise all stakeholders for the smooth running of the project. Rigorous, dynamic, methodical and organised, this consultant is the central element of the project. They will have to use all their technical and managerial skills to bring the IT project to a successful conclusion.

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