Sectors of activity

Observing and understanding the issues in your field and your sectors of activity is our priority!


At Lojelis, we operate in many sectors of activity thanks to you.


With each new partner, we learn new business skills. We make it a point of honour to observe and understand the challenges of your sector, in order to offer you solutions adapted to your environment!

A growth sector with broad ambitions

Automotive sector

Digital technology for the automotive sector. As an automotive manufacturer, you must deal with a sector undergoing major changes. Responding to these changes is one of your major development challenges to stand out from your competitors.


Lojelis accompanies you in your approach to improving your internal processes by using technologies related to your sector: IoT, Machine Learning, AI, supply chain, block chain…

Goods for all markets

Consumer goods

Digital solutions for every consumer good. The consumer goods market is very versatile, and agility and reactivity are your key words. You need to be in constant touch with your market and respond instantly to your customers’ new demands.


Lojelis advises you and develops digital solutions in perfect adequacy with your market to respond quickly to your needs and those of your customers.

Research for tomorrow's world

Education and Research

Reinventing education and research in the wake of the crisis is a key objective for the development of your sector. You are constantly looking for best practices and technological innovation to meet the new needs of your employees and the new demands of your patients.


By your side, we imagine and implement technological solutions and services to make health paths more fluid around a patient who is an actor, to strengthen prevention, to fight fraud, to secure data and regulatory changes and to help you innovate regularly.

Always be at the forefront of technology

Media and Entertainment

In constant evolution, you are looking for new ways to stand out from your competition and to respond to new opportunities linked to the transformation of your sector’s business models.


In close collaboration with your departments, we support you in digitalising your business and improving your internal information systems. Develop new services.

Enhancing the value of national industrial production

Industrial production

Robotisation and automation are no longer enough to meet the ever-increasing needs of your customers. The integration of digital technology into the entire supply chain has become a growing need and integrating a new generation of services applied to industry a necessity.


Listening to your needs and challenges, we define together your new development strategies and support you with the development of new innovative technological solutions to be agile and reactive to your market.

Health, the core concern of our society


Enhancing the value of each care unit, taking regulations into account, improving internal services or optimising your information systems are important needs in the health sector today.


Whether you are a public or private organisation, on a national or international scale, we can help you develop and improve the quality of the services you provide and optimise your costs by developing software and business applications specific to your sector.

Day-to-day support

Public service

Transform your internal processes to give your users the best experience. Responding more quickly to your users’ expectations and improving the overall satisfaction of your employees is an important issue for the proper functioning of public services.


At Lojelis, we help you achieve your digital transformation objectives and improve the responses to your constituents through operational excellence, the move to the cloud, cybersecurity or the development of new technological solutions.